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Our Review of Eurogrand Casino online

At the Eurogrand online casino, the biggest win was $750000. This amount was won by Giovanni P… Which is interesting, but he managed to get his winnings within only two days. To the great pity of the visitors of the official site of the casino, it is impossible to get the latest information about the latest wins, as the site is not constantly updated and the latest information is dated February 2009. Based on this information, it is impossible to determine exactly what winnings and how often players manage to get.


The truthfulness of the Eurogrand Casino and the feedback about it

Reviews about online casinos Euro Grand are different, so you can not clearly judge his reputation. Players with experience in this business, strongly do not recommend playing in this place on the slot machines, and advise to play games in which at least a little need to apply their skills – for example, in blackjack.


It goes without saying that the random number generator and the Eurogrand casino software have passed all the tests and are also licensed. But when you go to the official website, you can not fail to notice the order in which the game they offer. The difference from other casinos is that you won’t be advised to read the information before starting an important game. They have a very opposite opinion about this – they offer to download the software first, then open an account and deposit it, get your bonus for it, and only then read the information about the rules and the proposed games.


Casino software Eurogrand

Specially Playtech company has created software for online casinos Euro Grand. Downloadable client. To download the Euro-Grand casino is not difficult, also it will not be difficult to install it.

Don’t forget the advice to play only those games that require your skill. After all, you can not say exactly how random number generator is actually random.


Casino games


Since the site of the casino is updated irregularly (in any case, any specific announcements on their site were not noticed at the time of writing this article), it is impossible to say exactly which of the more than one hundred games are actually new. After all, in addition to the usual set of slot machines (although there are unique), video poker, as well as board and card games, online casino Euro Grand offers its players such types of gambling, such as horse racing and bowling.


The most popular games of casino Eurogrant

The most popular games, given the peculiarities of this gaming place in the casino Eurogrand are card games. Also includes slots – without slot machines nowhere! It is worth noting the games in which the dealer is involved – a blackjack, dice, baccarat and roulette.


Games with increasing (progressive) jackpots

There are 20 games with progressive jackpots for players to consider. Since all casinos that use Playtech software have a single sum jackpot, it is really amazing, as it exceeds 4 million euros. And it’s not standing still, it’s growing.


Games in which you can win the jackpot are almost the same as the others: Wall St. Fever, Cinerama, Megaball, Jackpot Darts, Football Rules and others.


Casino Eurogrand Incentives

In this casino there is a general principle of bonus system: invest more, get more bonuses. By investing your first deposit of $20-$24 you can get a 100% bonus, and by investing from $25 to $299 – 300%. But if you continue to want to invest in the casino Euro-grant, the interest on bonuses will be reduced. If you invest between $300 and $999 you will get $600, and from $1000 and above you will get only 50% and not more than $1000. It follows from this that the best deposit will be the first one at $299.


You can get the bonus by investing the second deposit in the amount of 60%, but no more than $500.


As in other places, you will get a 15% bonus for attracting a new player and alternative payment methods.

You can redeem your bonuses at the Euro Grand casino in dollars and euros in 12-fold, and for pounds – in 25-fold. It is not clear why this currency is so disrespected here?


Investment and payment, consideration of opportunities

If we talk about investing in online casinos Euro-grand playing for real money, there are no questions – everything is like a circle. Bank transfers, cards, as well as electronic payment systems are suitable for this. But the casino Euro-Grand and here wanted to distinguish themselves. When you want to withdraw the funds you need, it will take you about three working days, because even using such an impeccable payment system as Webmoney, you will need to get a special code to the email box specified during registration. But at least you can get it quickly, but there are doubts about the need to use it.


Brief summary

If you look at it, on the one hand, the Euro Grand Casino has a lot of enthusiasm, a special environment, which serves mainly to ensure that everyone

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