captain cooks casino review

Our review of the Captain Cooks casino, what is this casino worth?

Since its creation in 1999, the Captain Cooks casino has sailed against many obstacles and pitfalls to be there even today. Being one of the very first casinos to have seen the light of day, it has made a special place for Canadian players who love it today.

But does it really deserve its reputation and what is this online casino really worth?

This is what we will try to see in this article through which  we will review certain services  and evaluate them to say if the Captain Cooks casino is a reliable casino and a casino on which to play with confidence.

What services are we going to evaluate?

Like any other online casino, Captain Cooks Casino provides players with a set of services that will be accessible to them once registered on the site. Among them and among those that we will evaluate in the rest of this article, we will find the toy library but also customer service.

The Captain Cooks Casino toy library

To welcome the sailors on his ship and for ever more adventures, the Captain Cooks offers them a set of games available in his toy library.  You will not find a ghost ship but you will find a wide range of games which includes  no less than 600 games  all offered by a single game publisher and designer, MicroGaming. The fact that Captain Cooks only associates with a single developer could be a negative point for the casino but, MicroGaming is one of the best providers of games on the net and it is specialized. Your entertainment is then in good hands.

The games will be classified under several categories including:

  • Slot machines ;
  • Roulette ;
  • Le Black Jack ;
  • You poker.

Among the slot machines there will be progressive jackpot, 3 reel, 5 reel etc. machines.

The advantage that you will have on this casino is that its games are rather profitable with a percentage of 97% which is much better than on most of the other casinos which we cross and more still on the Canadian casinos.

You will also find  a category of live games  which will allow you to choose from a wide selection of table games the one you prefer and you will launch in front of a live dealer who will distribute the cards from the best and largest casinos in Las Vegas.

And if you're the type of person who likes to have fun on your phone, Captain Cooks lets you do it thanks to  an application that you can download  and use and that will be optimized for your screen.

Captain Cooks casino customer service

The Captain Cooks provides sailors with sailors to answer their concerns; to their requests and all their requests. They can contact them via live chat or by email and they agree to be reachable 24 hours a day and to  process their requests as soon as possible.

Whether for registration or for information, the customer service of the casino will be there for you.

Our final opinion on Captain Cooks casino

After our little test and having reviewed some of its services, we can say that it is a  casino that is fairly reliable and secureYou can play on it and indulge in various entertainment with peace of mind.

It is a  casino that is recommended  and mainly for Canadian players since it is a regulated casino and on which it is legal to play in Canada.

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