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Your tech-savvy summer intern may not be the best choice to publicly represent your brand on a daily basis.

A critical question to evaluate before jumping into the social media arena is “who should manage my social media?” At this point, you understand the importance of social media for your business and now must determine the best way to manage your social media strategy.  Before deciding how your social media will be managed and by whom, consider the following important qualities of a social media manager.

An Understanding of Your Whole Business

Your social media content is a marketing message to customers that are publicly connected to your business. For that reason, it’s important the those running your social media strategy understand all aspects of your business.  Customers will interact with your social media in a variety of ways.  Whether they are lobbing compliments, complaints, or inquiries at your company, they will expect the brand to respond in a meaningful way.

Your social media manager should be equipped to handle the majority of these obvious interactions on a daily basis, but they should also have the initiative and resourcefulness to find solutions for any issue that might arise through social media.

An Understanding of Social Media Platforms

Organizations often feel pressured to let junior members of their team handle all their social media messaging, simply because they already have a thorough understanding of social media in their personal life.  This isn’t always the best course of action.   Social media platforms are simply another channel for your company messages.   If you have a team of great people who have managed your social media in the past, they may just require the training to continue to handle your social media proficiently.  There are many social media training programs available for all skill levels.

An Understanding of Proper Grammar and Voice

One of the most unforgivable mistakes in social media communications is poor grammar and inconsistent voice.   Whether it is a single person or a multiple people managing your social media accounts, there should be a consistency of message and tone.   The voice and tone of your brand should be obvious though the types of language used and the content purveyed.   Spelling mistakes are such a faux pas that it pains me to even mention it.  All of your communications should be done on a platform with automatic spell checking, otherwise copy it into a text editor before hand.

Every Organization is Different

The size and structure of your organization, and your social media goals, will largely influence the person or team that you choose to post content, monitor platforms, and respond to customers. A small business owner may check in on Facebook and Twitter daily whereas a large organization may hire an individual or team to manage their entire social media strategy on many platforms, ranging from Foursquare to LinkedIn.

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