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Modern Web Design for Your Business

by | Aug 23, 2015 | Blog | 0 comments

So You Are in the Market for a Website…

Whether you are looking for a complete redesign of your existing website or you are ready to make your very first splash on the web, it’s likely that you will need the help of a professional.  While there are a wide variety of do-it-yourself website building platforms available today, they still require a reasonable amount of technical knowledge to build anything of substance.  Many of my clients have attempted these plug and play solutions only to become increasingly frustrated and seek the services of a web designer.   Before you select someone to build your website though, you should probably be asking some important questions about how the finished product will function.  If your website developer doesn’t adhere to the following modern website design practices, you will probably want to move on.   Of course, all of our websites at Epiculture, encompass the basic principles below.

Your Website Should be Responsive (Mobile and Tablet Friendly)

The way the average consumer uses the internet is changing.  In the past everyone viewed websites from the comfort of their office or home using a computer.   Today the average user is browsing websites from their mobile phone and tablet.  If you have ever tried to find directions to a business from your mobile phone on a website that clearly wasn’t built with mobile browsing in mind, you know how frustrating this process can be.

And Google knows it too, which is why they have announced that in the near future, desktop-only designed websites will stop being served to users on their mobile phones.  This means if your website has never been modernized to be responsive (mobile friendly), then you may start losing valuable leads and traffic.  There is no excuse for your website designer to be building your website without a responsive design that looks great on any size screen.


Your Website Should Empower You to Blog (and Make Minor Edits)

The best of today’s modern websites are designed so that the owner can continue to make updates to their website.  The best way to keep your website fresh is to add a section for blogging.  A “blog” is just a fancy word that means you can post updates and information about your business.  If you are looking to attract new visitors from Google, it is essential that you keep posting new and useful information to your website.

Your website developer will likely tell you that your site is built on a platform such as WordPress or Drupal which will allows you to easily go into your site and add more content whenever you like.  Your developer should also provide you with some training so that you can continue these regular updates.   At Epiculture, we are always available to update your website for a nominal rate if you would rather, but we think it is important to at least give our clients the option to update the website themselves.  It also means that if you ever decide to go elsewhere your website is built on a fairly standard platform that other developers can continue to update.

Your Site Should Include Social Media Integration

The advent of social media has changed the way many businesses communicate with their customers.  Your website should encourage visitors to share your content and should include links to your existing social media pages.  Without some level of social integration on your website, you are missing an opportunity to synergize your marketing efforts.

Curious consumers will often research a business utilizing social media to find out more about a company.  You might elect to include your twitter feed somewhere on your website.  Alternatively, you might want consumers to be able to pin items from your website to their Pinterest account.  Depending on the nature of your business, there are a variety of ways to integrate your social media into your website and your website developer should be aware of this.

Before You Commit to a Web Developer…

Before you select the person or company to build your website, keep in mind that not all websites are equal in value.  Your website should be visually pleasing, but it should also adhere to modern functionality standards.  If you are in the market for a new website, we strongly encourage you to contact us today and find out if Epiculture is the right developer for your next web project.



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