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It never ceases to amaze me how many businesses conceive their marketing and messaging purely from their own perspective as entrepreneurs, employees, and product experts.  If you haven’t given serious consideration to how your customer will experience your marketing, you are missing a critical step in your strategy process.

Who is your customer?

If you haven’t given serious consideration to this question, you are literally starting at square one.  A business is not viable without a perceived group of people who need your products or services.  Think about the need your organization is going to fill for your consumer.  What generalizations can you make about the group of people who have this need?  Market research and focus groups can be invaluable to designing a communications plan.

What language does your customer speak?

Whether you are optimizing your website for Google or designing new brochures you should be using vocabulary that is accessible to your target audience.  There may be specific language that is essential for your industry or product, but if you do not include the words your customer would search to find you, then you are missing opportunities.  Search engine optimization is all about creating content that is relevant to your potential customers.

What kind of experience does your customer expect?

When designing your marketing and communications it is important to place yourself in the shoes of your customer.  Do you enjoy being accosted by email newsletters that you have subscribed to?  Neither do your customers.  Avoid talking down to your customers in your messaging or preaching too strongly.  Empathy can be key to designing your customer experience.

At the end of the day, your organization exists to serve its customers.  If you aren’t keeping them in mind every step of the way, you could be headed towards a serious misstep.

Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown

Marketing Consultant at Epiculture Marketing
Andrew Brown is a marketing consultant with a reputation as a problem solver.His varied portfolio includes a proven track record creating impactful marketing materials for both national and local brands.Andrew has collaborated on everything from broad market billboard campaigns to targeted social media development.
Andrew Brown

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