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Who are we?


Meet your marketing gurus.

Epicentre + Culture = Epiculture

We meet with our clients at the epicentre of their organizational culture and work to radiate their unique message outward.

Epiculture Marketing takes a personalized approach to marketing consultation. We work with each of our clients to make sure our strategies work in harmony with their organizational goals. Each of our recommendations have the long-term growth of your organization in mind.

We are adamant about finding solutions that contribute to the growth of your influence and awareness in the community.

Our Team of Marketing Experts

Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown

Lead Marketing Consultant

Andrew Brown is a marketing consultant with a reputation as a problem solver.  His varied portfolio includes a proven track record creating impactful marketing materials for both national and local brands.  Andrew has collaborated on everything from broad market billboard campaigns to targeted social media development.

Andrew’s unique perspective includes collaboration with non-profit organizations and extensive strategizing in the field of cause-related marketing.  Andrew has also garnered respect by coordinated marketing efforts for consumer products such as CheeCha Puff Snacks.  Andrew is dedicated to helping businesses realize their full potential for success by emphasizing results and quality brand development while utilizing the most effective marketing vehicles available.

Joshua Neufeld

Joshua Neufeld

Lead Web Consultant

Joshua Neufeld is a web design veteran with countless years experience building meaningful experiences for clients on the web.  His passion for building eye catching and functional digital projects drives him to continually stay ahead of the curve with new and evolving website trends and techniques.

Mark Huvenaars

Mark Huvenaars

Lead Social Consultant

Mark Huvenaars is a socialite himself with thousands of personal connections between the major networking websites.  Mark remains on the forefront of ever-evolving field of social media marketing.  He has worked with brands of all sizes to increase engagement and loyalty utilizing well calculated social campaigns.